The Montgomery Old Fashioned Review


If you are an Old Fashioned cocktail lover, here is a thoughtful twist on your reliable go-to. The Montgomery Old Fashioned at Pig Bleeker in New York City, is a welcomed sipper for whiskey drinkers and an approachable intro for Scotch novices. The combination of chocolate bitters and semi-sweet orange curaçao (citrus flavored liqueur) adds an appetizing texture to the tipple as it’s not too sweet. But, the swill’s showstopper is the hefty pour of Scotch Whiskey which ties the ingredients together. Tom Walker, bar manager at Pig Bleeker, suggests using a single malt Scotch if you’d like to indulge, but a quality scotch blend would do just fine. Either way, The Old Fashioned Montgomery inspires creativity to honor the classics, while embracing modern interpretation.

Wan to make The Montgomery Old Fashioned at home? This lovely bev is simple to make and you can check it out on POUR.

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