Don’t Give Up the Ship Review


There’s a sexy new kid on the block in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. As a previous brothel, now turned cocktail lounge, Barely Disfigured has created quite a delicious stir since November 2017. Challenging the conventions of classic French cocktails, ‘Barely’ serves modern takes on the traditional swills. One such drink is Don’t Give Up the Ship: a combination of gin, Fernet (an Italian amaro or bitter), and sweet vermouth. At first sip, a burst of citrus greets you. Then, the harmonious blend of  gin, bitter sweet fernet, and orange bitters  shines together  for a smooth finish. This refreshing treat is one, you definitely wouldn’t want to give up.

Find out more about Don’t Give Up the Ship on POUR, where you can see how to create the drink and find out juicy stories from behind the bar.

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