Why You Should Spend Time around Brooklyn’s Bedford Avenue

Chilo’s Tacos y Tostadas

Brooklyn’s food scene has blown up and it’s full of so many hidden gems. With so many bodegas (no complaints though) and renovated apartments, it can be difficult to find delish dines. Thankfully, finding hidden gems are my specialty. And once I’ve found a standout spot, there’s a compulsion to spread the world! One of my favorite areas for great, diverse food is around Bedford Avenue in Bed-Stuy. I’ve rounded up a few of my go-to gems for quick, quality, finger-lickin’ delicious bites! Oh yeah… they’re also easy on the wallet!

Napoleon Southern Cuisine and Bakery

1180 Bedford Ave.

(347) 663-3069

Website: http://napoleonsoulfood.com/

If you ask me, there should be more southern soul food hautes in Brooklyn. Who can get enough of succulent fried chicken, savory sautéed or stewed veggies, and fluffy biscuits? I can always find this and much more at Napoleon’s Southern Cuisine and  Bakery.  When you visit try the drool-worthy Uncle Nay’s Chicken and Waffles including a Red Velvet waffle option! If you’re all about chicken you can get it smothered, jerked, friend, or baked. Meatloaf, turkey wings are available too. Check out their to-die-for desserts: sweet potato cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, and banana pudding. Although, closed on Mondays, all are welcome to a southern Sunday dinner, Tuesdays through Sundays. Reserve  Monday for a one-day cleanse, and then return to the oh-so-good ‘southern comfort.’

Home Frite

1047 Bedford Ave.

(347) 627-3266

If thick, perfectly fried hand cut fries are your jam, than head to Home Frite.  Created by Bed-Stuy residents, Ian Vernon and Crystal Lingle, in 2013, these Belgian style French fries first started as a pop-up at Smorgasburg. Now, it has a storefront on Bedford and a booth in the DeKalb Market in downtown Brooklyn. Served piping hot, fries paired with your choice of luscious gourmet dipping sauces like herb-ocado, lemon garlic aioli and curry ketchup. The fry frenzy menu choices are taken a step further with the Cheese Burger fries (it’s just like it sounds, minus the bun). Or, you can opt for the wings, chicken sandwiches, or “meaty” veggie burger.

Home Frite- Crispy Chicken Salad and Fries
Crispy Chicken Salad & Fries w/ herb-ocado & curry ketchup



Imagine  a place which makes ‘Taco Tuesday’ a weeklong event. That’s Chilo’s. Tacos, tostadas, and tortas galore are faithfully served in the taco truck parked behind Chilo’s (the bar). This favored Mexican street food spot has a cult following, and it’s easy to be sucked in. Delicioso aromas of chorizo, smoked beef, pork belly, and carnitas waft into the air while being prepared outside. There are even bold selections like huitlacoche (corn mushroom or Mexican truffle), and nopales (cactus). Pair your comida with a marg or adult slushie in the al fresco dining area, and chillax for the rest of the evening.

Fancy Nancy

1038 Bedford Avenue (corner of Bedford Ave. and Lafayette)

(347) 350-7289


Known for being a groovy retro dinning space with whimsy  cocktails and a stellar food menu to match, Fancy Nancy, provides a sense of belonging for all guests. Friendly faces and warm greetings set the tone for a satisfying experience. This neighborhood joint’s serves delightful dishes like the all-time favorite Twice Cooked Duck Wings with smoked habañero honey sauce, plus Roasted Sweet Potato  and Avocado salad, and the succulent Fancy Burger 2.0 with peppercorn cheese sauce. All dishes pair well with the cold beer on tap, natural wines (chemical and additive free) and dope glamour drinks, like the Calamity Jane with whiskey, black tea and spicy honey.



Roasted Sweet Potato + Avocado Salad

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