Cherry Limeade Review

cherry limeade
Photo credit: Candice Dixon

There are some drinks I’ve enjoyed which remind me of childhood. Recently, I had a nostalgic experience through the Cherry Limeade at Neir’s Tavern – one of New York City’s oldest bars. This sipper tastes exactly like the cherry Jolly Rancher, a go-to kiddie favorite of mine.

Shaken with Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, grenadine,  and lime juice, this sweet ‘n tart swill is a crowd pleaser. It’s simple to make and a little too easy to enjoy. This may look and sound like a “girly” drink, but I hear both men and women rave about how refreshing and satisfying this tipple proves to be.

Want to try your hand at the Cherry Limeade? Learn how to shake it up on POUR.

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