The Hanifa – A Divine Drink

In Spanish, the word ‘Manjares’ refers to food and drink fit for the gods. You’re worthy of the same caliber fare, right? Of course! Thankfully, there’s a cozy spot which delivers divine tapas and drinks for all to enjoy – Manjares Tapas and Bar in Connecticut. 

The bar, which officially opened in July 2019, serves Latin Caribbean cuisine and custom cocktails- all with an intended focus on savory, flavorful and healthful options. One of the newest cocktails is The Hanifa – a toothsome boozed approach to the popular ‘green juice’.

The Hanifa is made up of fresh juiced apples, pineapples and kale and then married with agave and gin creating a light, fruity sipper. The ingredients mingle well, yielding a pleasant dominant pineapple flavor, supported by the delicate rose gin. This (partially) guilt-free bev is a surprising crowd-pleaser and hard to resist after the first sip.

Interest peaked? Watch how it’s made, here on POUR.


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