Throwdown at Bobby’s Burger Palace

Philadelphia Burger, (source: Bobby's Burger Palace via Google images)
Philadelphia Burger, (source: Bobby’s Burger Palace via Google images)

Although burgers may seem like a common meal choice, it is a fantastic pallet for creativity. As long as you have the essentials: a meat or veggie patty and a bun, you’re pretty much covered, but the possibilities of imaginative toppings are endless. Gone are the days of your standard burger with lettuce, tomato, mayo, ketchup and mustard. Now there are exotic choices like spicy coleslaw, pineapple, avocado, and even chilli. Many burger joints honor the mighty burger, but Bobby’s Burger Palace, BBP, is definitely one that holds the American classic in high esteem. Birthed by the renowned Super Chef Bobby Flay, his palace offers an array to sink your teeth into. The simplistic menu lets diners select from 10 different topping combinations like the Santa Fe with queso sauce, pickled jalapenos generously topped with potato chips, or the Napa Valley with fresh goat cheese, watercress (a type of leafy green), dressed with a tangy Meyer Lemon honey mustard. Any combo can be paired with an Angus beef, ground turkey, or grilled chicken breast patty. One fun element you can add is the “crunchified” option – any burger can be topped off with potato chips. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for the burger of the month. November’s is the Brunch Burger – an indulging mouthful of fried egg, bacon and American cheese, on a sesame seed bun. (No, it does not come with an echocardiogram, but adventure takes risk, right?)


During my visit I paired the Philadelphia burger (provolone cheese, perfectly griddled onions, and succulent hot peppers) with ground turkey. It absolutely rocked my world! I am a lover of spicy food and this lived up to expectations. Far from overcooked, flavorful and quite juicy, my burger was delicious and left me wanting more. It’s hard to imagine Bobby’s winning burgers could get any better, but when you add a side of crunchy, French fries (either regular of sweet potato) the meal is enhanced even more. But wait, it gets even better. The sauces deserve an honorable mention. There are innovative savory sauces like chipotle and jalapeno ketchup, all of which are in keeping with Bobby’s punch-of-flavor personality. Even the fries have their own dipping selections – there’s a secret recipe mayo based dip for the traditional fries where as the sweet potato fries are complimented by a honey mustard horseradish sauce.


Believe it or not, I haven’t even scratched the surface of Bobby’s Burger Palace and that truly excites me. Not sure which burger I will choose next, but I will be sure to try one of their ingenious milkshakes, perhaps the Blueberry-Pomegranate or Mango. Followed by one of the spiked shakes like the Vanilla Caramel Bourbon. With a thoughtful variety of virgin and alcoholic drinks, including a cool frozen cactus pear margarita, BBP knows how to throw down. Then again, would we expect anything less?

Groovy seating ans decor

Budget Breakdown:

  • Philly Burger: 7.75
  • Traditional Fries: 5.00
  • Total: 13.00 w/ tax



  • Online ordering
  • May have long lines but typically goes quickly



11 East Coast locations

  • New York:
    • *Roosevelt Field Mall
      630 Old Country Road
      Garden City, NY 11530
    • Smithhaven Mall
      355 Smithhaven Mall
      Lake Grove, NY 11755

* Location reviewed by Canny Candi

One thought on “Throwdown at Bobby’s Burger Palace

  1. Mouthwatering review…great fare thinly disguised as an American favorite. Hope to get there when visiting New York!

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