Baby Back Bliss…

“Don’t try to rush it. Barbecue takes time. Start the grill, then open a beer. When the beer is finished, the coals will be ready. Then let the ribs cook at a nice, low temperature until they are tender.”

…Wise words from up-and-coming Sous Chef Cedric Harden, of Urban Belly and Bellyshack, in Chicago. In honor of the summer season and its pleasures, how could I ignore the chance to share his finger lickin’, five napkin needin’, recipe for charcoal grilled baby back ribs. The magic’s in the dry rub’s aromatic ingredient like coriander and oregano, complimented by fresh lemongrass and dark brown sugar in the homemade sauce. Try your hand at this…

For the recipe and more about Sous Chef Haden, click the pic!

Compliments of Tasting Table

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