Why Hello, Everyone!

Thanks for  tuning in for the first post, hope you come back for more delicious rambles.

Living so close to NYC, there is so much to learn about the bustling area. One of the best ways to get an organic feel for it and its neighborhood is through food, naturally. 😉 Another focus of the blog is to spend time exploring the many neighborhoods of Manhattan. The first featured neighborhood is the Lower East Side (LES). The Lower East Side is composed of four sections:  the East Village, Little Italy, the Bowery and Chinatown. This area is actually very historic. Before the American Revolution, the neighborhood used to be a farm area. As an early immigrant settlement, the LES became a rapidly increasing melting pot of hope and new beginnings. Once, it was known as Little Germany because of the large German community. As families began to move into crowded tenements, the area became more vibrant; “mom and pop” businesses were on the scene, and the East Village evolved from a farm land, once owned by James Delancy, into a multicultural destination.

Yesteryear Lower East Side
Yesteryear Lower East Side

Today, the Lower East Side is known for its eclectic, laid back vibe, self-expressive locals, and bohemian culture. The rich history is evident from the architecture, to the street names, unique shops, and of course, many tasty offerings!

Modern Day Lower East Side
Modern Day Lower East Side


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